Feedback Received from Students via Email (2021-2023)


  • Hi Paul, Thank you for following up. I think what you have undertaken and researched is phenomenal. I appreciated all the theory you included and reasons for stuttering. One thing which resonated with me is your research that people with a stammer are prone to more speech trips than people without. I definitely think that is true for me because there are times when I am clear in what I want to say – no blocking – but it comes out a little jumbled.


  • Dear Paul, Thank you for making this course possible, it was a very eye-opening and useful experience – one that has definitely helped my stammering in the long term and hopefully it improves further with the guidance you have displayed. Kind regards.


  • Dear Paul Thanks for the email. I am currently about 1/3 through your book, which I am enjoying immensely. It is refreshing to read such a candid and clear report of your own personal journey. The pattern of remission and relapse is something I have experienced over the 15 years since I first attended an intensive stammering therapy course, and so I relate very much to your journey. I spent much of that time convinced that block modification is the only way forward, despite several setbacks, and only in the last few years or so have started thinking more about my own experiences with stammering as opposed to the model I was always presented by speech therapists. The turning point for that was when I stumbled upon John Harrison’s “Redefining Stuttering”. The insights John had obtained from his own experiences, which chimed much more closely with me than the views of the many SLTs I had always relied upon, empowered me to think about my own stammer in the same way. I also found it fascinating how ahead of the curve you were in recognising mindfulness meditation as useful tool, especially given its recent explosion in popularity in the western world and even stammering therapy – I attended a mindfulness-based stammering course at City Lit in London, which was based on Jon Kabat-Zin’s “mindfulness based stress reduction” programme, and an ACT course which also uses mindfulness at its core – both of which I found very helpful. I will fill out the questionnaire shortly and then start working through the online course materials.


  • Hello Paul thank you for your kind words. The course is very good. I really thank you for preparing this course. I’m working on orchestral speech now and it seems to be working. I will surely let you know about the results after one or two weeks. About self-help groups, it seems like a very good idea. I couldn’t find any group on the net in Iran. I can feel that it would be such a relief to be in such groups without any non-stutterers. I continue to search about it. Best wishes


  • Hi Paul, Thanks for writing to me. My experience with the SSEP course is still developing, I had a first contact a few months ago. After a long time without reading or researching stuttering, this course gave me a new perspective. As a child and for most of my life, therapists and specialists made me practice techniques to “hide” my stutter. I realized that “the Jump” dealt with blockages from another perspective. No more hiding, no more vicious cycle of anxiety and fear. It’s certainly comforting to know that people like you spend their time researching this. It is very motivating and helpful. I plan to resume the course and review the updated materials. At the moment I don’t have much time for work. Every day I think about it. Every day I stutter. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much. But I always think about the program. I do Judo, I’m a black belt. I was very surprised to discover that the course emphasizes not applying force, instead applying the Jump technique. It’s like making Judo with words. It’s a dance I want to master. I want to be a black belt of words. Thanks Paul for everything, Greetings from Peru,


  • Dear Paul… Some of the content of the programme made a huge impact upon me – and I feel I am almost understating it here! … Paul, I would like to restate parts of the programme really reflected my experience as well as explained some of what has happened to me in learning to live with my stammer and for this I need to say: THANK YOU. I wish you all the very best. Regards


  • Hi Paul, Thank you for contacting me. For a long time, I was dependent of religion and other stuffs for curing my stammering. Your online course was the one that gave me a different (correct) perspective about my stammering, It helped me to approach the problem in a scientific way and understand the details of the brain, which is responsible for stammering, and motivated me to research about Neuroscience and related topics to speech. Along with your course, I’ve also enrolled in therapy sessions with a Research Institute in my locality.
  • Your course has given me clarity and motivation to deal with my stammering. I’ve also shared your course details, to the fellow stammers who I know of. Thanks and Regards,

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