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Our Easy Block Modification Technique

Block Modification techniques are techniques designed to reduce the severity of the symptoms that occur during moments of stammering. Over the long-term, they lead to a substantial diminution of the size of the “stammering iceberg” inasmuch as they reduce the underlying fear of stammering and the tendency to stammer. However, in order to be able to employ these techniques, you need to be willing to ignore any desire that you may have to hide the fact that you stammer. You need to be able to allow yourself to stammer openly in front of other people.

Traditional block modification techniques require a lot of self-control, and when you first start to employ them in real-life situations, they may slow you down quite considerably. If your speech-rate is normally quite fast, this may not be not a problem. However, if you stammer severely and your speech-rate is already slow, or if you suffer from social anxiety and become overwhelmed by the feeling of time-pressure in real-life speaking situations, you may find that the traditional block modification techniques are practically impossible to employ. Aware of this problem, the Stammering Self-Empowerment Programme has developed a new block modification technique called “the Jump” which takes very little effort to employ and which does not slow you down at all, and which you may therefore feel more comfortable employing in real-life speaking situations.

This module starts with an introductory slide-show (see below) in which we explain the rationale behind the Jump, and provide instructions on how to employ it.

Before continuing on with the rest of the module, we recommend that you first read the following online article which provides a somewhat more detailed account of The Jump… The Jump: A powerful new technique to get out of blocks and overcome fear of stuttering

and watch this interview in which Sanjog Sandhu speaks of his personal experiences of using the Jump Personal experiences of using the Jump

Then, when you are ready, work your way through the practical exercises by following the links below…


The Jump: Practical Exercises

Learning to use The Jump while reading aloud

How to use the Jump with words beginning with vowels

Using the Jump when reading and speaking to other people.

Make sure to read through these questions and answers about the Jump, on which are discussed issues that have arisen for people trying to employ it.

And finally, if you have already completed the module on Orchestral Speech, we strongly suggest that you now work your way through the module on how to integrate the Jump with Orchestral Speech and other techniques…

Combining the Jump with Orchestral Speech and other techniques