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Understanding Stammering: The Theoretical Module

Although it is not strictly necessary to work through all of the theory in this module, we do suggest that you try to work through as much as possible, as doing so will help you to understand how and why Orchestral Speech, the Jump, Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness can help you and will make you better able to solve any problems that may arise while you are putting them into practice. Certainly, if possible, try to complete the first two topics before commencing the modules on Orchestral Speech and The Jump.

Bear in mind that the more you understand about stammering, the more easily you will be able to adapt the various therapy methods to suit your own unique needs. So, getting to grips with the theory is every bit as important as learning the therapy techniques.

This module is a work-in-progress and we will continue to add more material to it, so do re-visit it from time to time to see what is new.

In this module, we describe the following aspects of theory (click on the links below to go to the corresponding pages)…

1. What is stammering?

2. What Causes stammering?

3. The development of secondary symptoms and changes in stammering with age.

4. The cycle of remission and relapse

5. How and why moments of stammering occur: Possible mechanisms behind the production of stammered dysfluencies.

6. How speech therapy may help people who stammer

7. How psychotherapy and mindfulness may help people who stammer

Understanding Stammering: The Theoretical Module