Education and self help for people who stammer

Text Box: Stammering Self-Empowerment Programme

About the Stammering Self-empowerment Programme

We have been fully operational since the Autumn of 2012, when we started by running a series of intensive courses in Macclesfield (Cheshire) near Manchester, UK. In August 2014 we changed the way we run the SSEP such that, as from August 2014, we have made the entire course available online, so you will be able to do it at home in your own time.


The Programme’s long-term aims are:

To work together with stammerers, researchers, and clinicians to develop new, more effective ways of helping people who stammer achieve their full potential for fluent speech and successful communication.

To provide a free service that makes this help accessible to as many people as possible.

Our experiences of working with people who stammer have highlighted to us the need for an approach that provides participants with sufficient understanding of their condition to enable them to work out for themselves what changes they can make in order to successfully manage it. We are developing the Stammering Self-empowerment Programme in order to fulfil this need. In particular we are aware of the importance of providing participants with techniques that are easy to employ, and that they can rely upon, in everyday life. Thus, the techniques we teach are designed to provide participants with the confidence that, even if they do block, they will still nevertheless be able to quickly and effectively get their messages across. Such confidence then leads to a reduction in blocking – the core of the disorder.


To contact us:


Stammering Self-Empowerment Programme

7 Rue d’en Bas

64490 Etsaut



UK Mobile  +44 7986 153425

France  +33 632 91 55 23



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